Regular Productions:

The Repertory is a regular performing wing of the Minerva Natyasanskriti Charchakendra which performs plays for the public in and outside Kolkata and occasionally in other States also. It consists of a group of artists, permanent and casual both. It constantly strives to achieve excellence in performance. Over the years the Repertory has produced a variety of plays ranging from stylist musicals to realistic contemporary works of Indian Drama, adaptations of other language plays, etc. On an average, it produces 1-2 new plays in a year and also repeats performances of its earlier popular plays.

The Repertory presented works of various playwrights and directors who have been associated with it from time to time. These directors have a proven track record of artistic brilliance and thus the young team of Minerva Repertory got a scope to work with them and to get enriched intellectually, philosophically and as well as technically.